The National Institute of Cardiovascular Diseases (NICVD)

Karachi, Pakistan


The National Institute of Cardiovascular Diseases (NICVD), was established in 1963 to meet the national need to cope with the increasing demand for the diagnosis, management and prevention of cardiovascular diseases and also to keep pace with the rapid technological advances in the practice of cardiology through research and development.
NICVD was the first Cardiology Institute in this entire world region. The National Institute has its jurisdiction extending over the whole of Pakistan. It is the biggest and the pioneer institution of its kind in Pakistan and South Asia.

Government of Pakistan gives an annual grant-in-aid to the Institute but the bulk of its budgetary provisions are met with from its endowment funds, private donations and the revenue earned from paying patients. The bulk of work done at the Institute is either totally free or heavily subsidized.

The general direction and administration of the affairs of the Institute are vested in a Governing Body headed by the Federal Minister of health, Government of Pakistan. The Executive Director is the Secretary of the Governing Body and Chief Executive Officer of the Institute.


Hospital Phone(021)-99201271-5


AddressNational Institute of Cardiovascular Diseases Pakistan Rafiqui (H.J.) Shaheed Road, Karachi-75510,

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